A Neighbor Started Listening to Rap, Loudly. Then, Something Awesome Happened.

If you’ve lived in apartments, you know when your neighbors have turgid taste in music. Because they’ll broadcast it for everyone to hear. Things have been quiet in my new neighborhood for a while, until some new neighbors moved in. And they brought their noisy lifestyle with them.

How noisy? Let’s just say that when the man and his wife got into an argument, you knew about it.

But then, they crossed a line. They started playing playing music in the evening. Not only that, it was the plumber’s butt-crack of all music. That’s right, it was rap.

But then, something awesome happened. The building decided that they weren’t going to just sit back and stifle vomit in the time it takes for either the new neighbors or themselves to move somewhere else. Instead, they did something about it.

They turned on their own music. And they turned it up.

I joined them, as you might imagine. I just loaded up a Touhou playlist on YouTube and enjoyed some music I’d rather listen to. Suddenly, it was like no one was playing rap.

Gone are the days in which a person has to be financially irresponsible to own a decent sound system, or even just a television set with decent speakers.

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